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Hide power button client side / hamachi always on option

I can't find a option to disable the power-button and to disable the "turn-off with right click on the icon" in the taskbar on the client side. You can change the settings to minimum in the hamachi control panel. But the clients have still the possibility to disable the hamachi client. Id like to have hamachi always on option. So the vpn won't by abale to turn off.


Anybody now a solutions for this?


If not. Logmein programmers. Please make this option in a hamachi update soon. If you like this option. Please leave a reply at this message. 

New Contributor

I have same problem, you solved this??
Active Contributor

Hi. Hamachi didnt even respond on this question by email or forum. 

Retired GoTo Contributor

Sorry about the delay, we currently already have a feature request for this. I will attach 2 more requests to it.
Vitor is a member of the LogMeIn Community Care Team.

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Active Contributor

What is the status for this? When is this option in the software?

New Contributor

Is this issue ever going to be addressed?