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New Contributor

How could I delete my networks

I had hamachi on my other computer, but I formatted it and forget to delete networks (for example, name one of this networks was - 3min3 ), also in that computer my nick was Dude so I deleted this on > Networks > My networks. But it didn't deleted these networks like 3min3 - which is still existing. Could I delete my old networks by other way? I dont want to make a mess.

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: How could I delete my networks

@dudebastian  The My Networks section online is the only place for you to manage your own networks tied to Hamachi.  You should be able to add or remove networks in this location.

New Contributor

Re: How could I delete my networks

I have pretty much the same situation.  The hard drive of two different laptops crashed. When they did I lost my ability to delete my old networks, nor can I manage them anymore. Have you had any luck since your original post a year ago?