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New Contributor

How to delete users not active

Hey all,


I am new user with Hamachi. During my test I have created a network with 3 or 4 users... with the free version (5 users max)

I have removed the software reinstalled ...and so on


Now I have some users in grey because not used... I have created other users after reinstalaltion.

Into my admin page on the web, these users are not listed !

So they are into the hamachi windows in grey and ...  No possibility to remove them.

No "expulse" or "evict" option into the right click ?


So in the trial version my network is full of users in grey !!! So my network is now not reacheable because 5 users are into !!!


How to delete them ?

Thanks a lot


New Contributor

Re: How to delete users not active

Exactly the same problem. Please somebody can provide a solution?