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New Contributor

I can't get Hamachi to work as a 'Private Network' host

When I set up Hamachi, I originally intended to use it between my own computer at home and smartphone on the go so that when I'm on a network that's restricted and slow, I can use Hamachi to basically bridge my computer connection to my smartphone. So basically to bypass the network restrictions at my school's WiFi. I thought that was something possible to do since your computer can be a network host, and client devices are configured as VPNs to work with Hamachi. I set up my computer as the host and my phone as the client. I tested this with my mobile data connection and I was able to connect to the computer, and the blue status showed next to my phone. However, when I went to check what my IP address was, it was not showing my home IP address. I know what it is from heart. It showed the IP address of my data connection and local router webpages would not load.


Is there any other method to do what I originally wanted to do with Hamachi or is it not possible?