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New Contributor

I'm not gonna use/recomend Hamachi to anyone else, and here's why.

I'm actively trying to get some computers in a Hamachi network and i'm having a really bad time.

First of all the website doesn't work on mostly any computer. There are some flaws that make links useless, the page shows no info, grids or anything. I've tried without plugins, on other OSes, other computers (at least five), other browsers... and it didn't work but in one case.
In this case i could manage computers in the network, i added some, i removed some other. I hand the one-time link and try to download the client in said computer. It doesn't work. I refresh the page and it says that the one-time link doesn't work anymore. I download hamachi manually, LOG IN WITH MY LOGIN INFO ON MY ACCOUNT, try typing the network name I'M READING IN THE OTHER COMPUTER ON THE SAME DESK, and use a password i believe it will work. Denied. Wrong password for that network. I try many other passwords. None worked. I may be wrong. I manage the password and set the one i want. Accepted. Go back to said computer and enter the same password. DENIED. Is this a joke of any kind? I set the network to auto-accept any new computer and try it again with the new password. DENIED.

Your service has great flaws and i'm trying to find new solutions, both for me and for people who ask me. I work at a computer and network store, you may want to know.
It still would be unappropiate from me not to thank you for these years of service, so thank you one last time.

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: I'm not gonna use/recomend Hamachi to anyone else, and here's why.

I am sorry for the frustrations.


If you are a paying subscriber, have you contacted Customer Support directly to address your concerns?