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Just installed Hamachi - no joy


I downloaded and installed Hamachi, ran it but off the bat it says: failed to connect to Hamachi Servers.

It has and keeps reconnecting...

I searched on the web about Hamachi IP, read the getting started, looked for tutorials on YT: nothing.

I put my net cable directly (not through router). Still no joy.

Prior to starting Hamachi it requested a login, so I did.

At prefs, client is empty (is it supposed to be?)

Is there anything I'm missing?


I'm using a crappy firewall - I explicitly added an exception for Hamachi but it didn't allow it.

Thanks for this great product.

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Just installed Hamachi - no joy

Which network type did you choose? Seems like you made a gateway and Hamachi is issuing out an IP that is already in use( which will give you a ) so to fix that you have to right click the network on the Hamachi GUI and choose gateway settings. Then you can specify a range of IP addresses Hamachi can dish out.

If you don't think a Gateway network is the best for you, a easier fix will be to just switch your network type.
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