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Active Contributor

LogMeIn Hamachi preventing restart

When initiating a restart or shutdown the LogMeIn Hamachi client will be reported as preventing the restart or shutdown.  It is resolved by forcing the process to be terminated.


I have observed this issue for a long time and it is becoming a concern due to it impact to the restart or shutdown process.


In addition I have found this to happen on remote hosts with Hamachi installed.  The remote host will be blocked by the hamachi client during shutdown or reset.  I am positive the RDP connection was not using Hamachi network connection.   

New Contributor

Re: LogMeIn Hamachi preventing restart

You can add the AutoEndTasks (1)_ registry key to current user\control panel\desktop.  That is the only way i found to be able to manage remote computers over RDP / VPN Hamachi, becuase when making changes and initiating restart this problem would prevent the restart and thus the changes you made and obviate the entire need for the existence of Hamachi for remote management in the first **bleep** place.  Absurd.