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New Contributor

Making gateway

Hello, I have a fast pc at home and I want to make a server with a static IP address from it.  My plan is to rent a small and cheap VPS server and using hamachi somehow configure it so it can forward traffic to my pc. I think the plan is excellent, but it is not working. I've tried hamachi on Linux but it didn't work. I configured port forwarding to my pc in the local network. Now I am trying to use Windows instead of Linux and found a very cool option called "gateway" and I think this is what I need. I  made a gateway network and configured a member and a gateway, but my gateway pc lost connection to the internet after that. I don't know what to do now so I would be appreciated for any help and solution.

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Making gateway

@Yahor  You might try unchecking the internet protocol V6 from in your connection properties, as some Community members have suggested as a fix.  There are some other scenarios and workarounds discussed as well if you search for 'lost internet connections' in the Hamachi Community.