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Multiple Network Interface Connection

I have a system with multiple resources that I would like to connect with on a remote LAN that is not connected to the WAN network of a facility. What I would like to do is to have a Hamachi server installed on a PC which will connect to the WAN network via its Wifi adapter and connect to the remote LAN via its Local Area connection (ethernet port). Is this possible to access resources on the LAN via this method? I would assume it would involve some network bridging and/or additional routing, but I do not know the specifics of how to accomplish this.

I am currently using a "Gateway" Network.

My OS for both the client and the gateway are Windows 7.

Any information would be appreciated thank you.

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Re: Multiple Network Interface Connection

Logmein, where are you? This post's 3 months old and no response. How about one of these: "it works, here's the recipe", "we're working on it", "it won't work", "we don't know"? 

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Re: Multiple Network Interface Connection

Haha. Kudos to you good sir. I still have a need for this so if anyone knows I would be grateful.

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Re: Multiple Network Interface Connection

This should work.  Do you have a dhcp server on the remote LAN?  By WAN, do you mean internet?  Assuming so, In this configuration, the gateway role should be assigned to the machine with the wifi adapter connected to WAN, and the ethernet connected to the LAN.  You either have to have a dhcp server on the LAN, or you have to specify IP settings for the remote client(s) in the hamachi network.