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New Contributor

Multiple Subscriptions available

So i manage a bunch of paid Hamachi subscriptions. Right now in my control panel it shows 2 Subscriptions Available. Why? I have activate ones. Why are these others that are not assigned? Am i being billed for these? How can i tell? How do i know they are not going to be re-billed when they expire? I dont have any accounts that are needing these subscriptions to be assigned to them.

Honestly, the billing method is quiet bad as i get charged but cant tell which Hamachi network i am being billed for when i get billed at different times of the year.

Any way i can figure out what the heck is going on in that control panel and make sure those Available but not assigned Subscriptions wont be rebilled?

Thanks !


LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Multiple Subscriptions available

Sorry for any confusion, Bob!

Would you happen to have a screen shot of your options so that I may share it with the commerce team?


New Contributor

Re: Multiple Subscriptions available