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Preventing Hamachi from starting automatically with windows 10



Hamachi is something I want to run for playing with friends online. When I start my PC daily I am not expecting to need this program. For this reason I'd like to disable it from autostarting. I don't want unnecessary programs to pop up like some 2000s browser ads just for me to click away daily.


hamachi preferences -> no joy.

msconfig -> startup -> status disabled -> no joy.

google says: services -> LogMeIn Hamachi Tunneling -> Startup Type Manual -> Okay, not autostarting. But when I try to run it, Hamachi Self-Diagnosis pops up and tells me the service is stopped -.-# .. which is about the next most googled thing.


So I'll need to go to services and literally manually start the service before being able to start up Hamachi right now.



Please fix either of those:

- Respect the Windows 10 msconfig autostart disabled setting instead of ignoring it.

- Add the settings option to disable autostart for Hamachi preferences

- Make the diagnostics thing start the service manually instead of bugging me to do it



This is such a basic feature to have and you already have the "Show splash screen on startup" option in the preferences, that I'm wondering if it's a corporate decision to not allow to disable autostart. Why is that? What is Hamachi doing on my PC daily when I don't need it? Is it phoning home somehow? What data are you collecting?

New Contributor

Re: Preventing Hamachi from starting automatically with windows 10

I hope this get's bumped. Not being able to remove hamachi from autostart without breaking it is a serious issue. I am forced to uninstall hamachi every time, which is really unconvenient - and, imho, unreasonable.

I don't get why anybody would subsribe to a service like this, which isn't even providing the very basic configuration options.