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New Contributor

Problems with firewall

Hello, I have a firewall (PFSENSE) and since I put it on it gives me the connections in blue point and the program tells me that the tunnel is retransmitted and that an FW is blocking incoming connections, I cannot get clear help on which ports hamachi requires to work, much less if the permissions are in exit or entry mode, can you help me please?
What ports does Hamachi need ?, I see on a page that apparently uses TCP 12975 but it does not clarify if it is inbound or outbound, I also need to know what IPs hamahi uses to give it permission and again what rules do I need inbound or outbound ?, I By default I have enabled outgoing traffic 443 for internet browsing but apparently this is not enough and unfortunately the help I get on your page is not accurate in this regard (it is very ambiguous), please if you can help me I thank you very much.