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New Contributor

Relayed Tunnel With No Fix In Sight


A friend and I used a Hamachi connection just fine to play Minecraft together. As soon as they logged out and attempted to log back in the next day however, we've been dealing with a multitude of problems ever since.


When I look at them on the server, it states there's a relayed tunnel. When they look at my connection it also says I have a relayed tunnel.


Using the diagnose function, this came up.


Tunnel: OK

Local results:
Adapter configuration: OK
Traffic test: Outbound traffic blocked, check firewall settings
Peer results: [246-846-165]
Adapter configuration: OK
Traffic test: Inbound traffic blocked, check firewall settings


You'd think this is a simple fix. Allow Hamachi through the firewall. Except both my friend and I have allowed Hamachi in the "allowed apps" menu. We have tried just about every fix out there and nothing seems to work, not even making a new Hamachi server or reinstalling Hamachi.


If anyone has any clue how to fix this, advice would be appreciated.