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New Contributor

Relayed Tunnel

Using the diagnostics tool, it shows me that local is fine but for peer, the inbound connection is blocked. It also shows "relayed tunnel".


I have tried adding hamachi-2 to the firewall exception. I have added hamachi-2 tunneling to the inbound. I have unchecked hamachi from the protected network connections in the hamachi public profile. I have gone into the hamachi advanced settings and tweaked the settings as suggested by some videos.


The weird thing is while I was over at my friend's place while connected to their router, everything worked fine. It only doesn't work while I'm connected to my router. Also, someone else is connected to a different router and is able to connect just fine.


I am able to ping my friend and I get a response but it still shows "relayed tunnel".


Edit: So the problem seems to be router related. The same problem is happening on a different computer on the same router.