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Setting up Android device to connect on existing Hamachi VPN

I had easily managed to successfully connect on my VPN server in the past but now-a-days I just can't seem to figure out why this same Android device (with newer system updates) doesn't successfully connect onto my newly created server.

Upon having created the new said server, I went to add a mobile device and I followed all the credentials from the steps for adding a new VPN connection inside my android settings.

I emailed the configuration files and installed 2 of 3 certificates in my android (since there are 2 of the same certificates where one is for rooted devices and the other is for non-rooted devices, I only installed the non-rooted configuration since my device ain't rooted).


But when I try to connect, it just doesn't want to connect, at all, it always fails.

I searched everywhere on Google but all the returned results are links that are dated mostly in 2015 or 2018.

But still, I followed those links, reading everything, trying to see if I had missed anything.
But from what I read from those links combined with what I had read with hamachi's instructions, I didn't notice of having missed anything, although I still can't figure out why it just doesn't want to connect at all.


Any suggestions??

I using the PPTP configuration.
I entered everything exactly as displayed from the Android Screenshot.
I installed the 2 certificates.