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Too old to play this game anymore.....

I’ve been running Hamachi for ten years.  Seldom had any problems, and when I had them, they were quickly dealt with.  About a year ago I began having server connection problems.  Tried a bunch of things, but then just gave up.  The connections weren’t that necessary, and I was already halfway through my subscription year.  Ageing, and the trials and tribulations that entails,  caused a several months hiatus and now I’m back ready to try again. 


My test setup, so far, five systems using a mesh connection.  Four of these systems have been playing Hamachi for several years.  ONE of them is new to the game.  The NEW system can ping the others.  The NEW system cannot be pinged.  This tells me that the dummy here at the keyboard has, once again, messed up.

All are running the latest version of Hamachi.  All had the older versions uninstalled and re-installed.



Gotta be something I either didn’t turn on, or should not have turned on.  (or OFF).



Anyone have any kind thoughts or ideas  for an old, but determined, warrior?