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Tunnels (Peer details) offline

I have no idea why my Tunnels see everyone as offline but they appear online and I can connect to thier servers using hamachi, they can ping me and I can ping them but for some reason they can't connect to me. I have tried litterally everything, reinstalling, allowing through firewall, restarting my PC, updating hamachi network adapters, uninstalling and installing adpaters, added hamachi through firewall and removed it from my firewall but for some reason Tunnels still appear as offline when I use the Hamachi self diagnostic tool.


Test name: Tunnels Result: [YELLOW] -> (Problems found)

Peer details:
LINUS-PC  (Offline)
DINIVI-4  (Offline)
Elliotes  (Offline)
DESKTOP-UR2176B  (Offline)



Those are not the ones im trying to connect to since they are offline but those are apparently casuing a problem? for the hamachi diagnostic tool


I have looked at posts through 2013 till today and still no solution. I'm on Win 10

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Re: Tunnels (Peer details) offline


Screenshots of the hamachi Selfdiagnose

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Re: Tunnels (Peer details) offline

I have exactly the same problem.

Anyone had solved it?