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Using Hamachi for RDP into server

I'm stuck.  I've downloaded Hamachi to both the server and client computer.  I can see the server connection in the Hamachi tool as green.  Under the Server, while logged into my client computer, shows the Server and an ip address.


RDP is enabled on the server and was tested within our network before installing Hamachi.  Worked fine.


Now, when I remote into the server, I used the IP address showing in the Hamachi tool.  My regular login credentials for the server don't work.  I'm an admin and those credentials work flawlessly on the server itself, desktops connected to the server and via RDP on a computer connected on the same network.  Odd thing is, if I log into the server using my LOGMEIN HAMACHI Network account credentials, it goes further than using my server password, but throws this error: 


The remote computer that you are trying to connect to requires network level authentication (NLA), but your windows domain controller cannot be contacted to perform NLA. If youare an administrator on the remote computeryou can disable NLA by using the options on the remote tab of the System Properties dialog box.


What do I do here?

New Contributor

Re: Using Hamachi for RDP into server

NLA : Network Level Autentication, try this: Control panel , System, ---> (in left side)  Avanced configuration system , Remote Access,  (activate or deactivate there)