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VPN status: error, ip is unusable

I have a gateway network with a single linux gateway and a single linux client. Before today, I could connect to the gateway computer from the client machine without issue. Before today, when I executed "ip route", I would see a route for the private subnet of the gateway computer ( I could ping or ssh into it, no problem.


Today, even after "hamachi logout; hamachi login", that route does not appear in the routing table, and I can't ping or ssh into the gateway computer. The route for is still there. When I do "hamachi network", I get this:


id : xxx-xxx-xxx
name : MyNetwork
type : Gateway

VPN status : error, ip is unusable
IP address :


I'm guessing that error must be related to the problem? I haven't changed any configuration on the client or gateway machines.


Sorry for not including log files; they are thousands of lines long. What is the most useful "hamachi" or other commands that I could run to produce helpful log output?