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Virtual IP

I had problems with my friend trying to connect to me on minecraft and it said that the host is not online and so i tried to fix it myself and then looked up online to find a problem (The problem was the driver where there would be 4 lost files). Turns out the guy and other people were having the same issue and decided to give it a go and it fixed the problem but I am now I do not have my old virtual IP and IPV6  becuase I cleared the user settings and now it has changed to something else. But before I left I changed the host of the network server to my email which then allows me to change stuff on their website (LogMeIn) and my old account is still left in there and I do not know how to connect back to it. It also will not let my friend connect back to me. Should I just delete the network and create a new one? and would this cause a problem on the minecraft world which is Tekxit. Please help