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Why isn't Hamachi compatible with M1 Based Macs?

There's been more than enough time to beta test and get the updated kext-less client ready.

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After installing 'Hamachi' and running 'Hamachi APP',

you can see "Failed to connect to the engine." A message appears.

What action should I do?


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always say"failed to connect to the engine"

GoTo Moderator

@hazy  Hamachi is compatible with M1 processors, though you may need to manually enable the kernel there.  I'm sorry we don't have a version that does this automatically for the newest Mac operating systems (Big Sur+). 

Ash is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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So what I should do?

New Contributor

Hello hazy,

I was monitoring this forum, but I never found a good answer here about Logmein Hamachi being ported to the ARM architecture ... so I switched to zerotier ... it is not perfect, but it works.



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I followed this hint and then started the computer after my update to MAC=S 11.4. it worked perfectly


Bildschirmfoto 2021-05-27 um 16.09.29.png

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I try,but it doesn't work

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I have a problem with Hamachi client, since I've tried to install it on new macbook with M1 chip. 

After installation the icon shows on status bar but it is only dark. 

On click Open LogMeIn Hamachi, nothing happens, main window is not appearing. Only dialog is showing that "Failed to connect to the engine." (pic rel).

On click Power On icon is disappearing for a moment, and nothing happens as well. 

Zrzut ekranu 2021-05-31 o 13.01.08.png

Is any solution for this problem?

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Hello I am a Macbook user. how to fix the problem that when I open the app, it always appears Failed to connect to the engine. 

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Over a year has passed since macOS Big Sur was released to developers, and LogMeIn still cannot get their act together and produce a Hamachi Mac client that is not only kextless but also fully supports M1 based Macs.


The Hamachi devs should be ashamed of themselves and their incompetence.  I'm tired of waiting for a supported platform,.