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Why isn't Hamachi compatible with M1 Based Macs?

There's been more than enough time to beta test and get the updated kext-less client ready.

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@AshC Can we have an update please?  Still getting this message.  What is going on over there where the developers can't get their act together???


Screen Shot 2021-03-08 at 5.55.31 PM.png

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Has anyone gotten Hamachi to work with M1 Mac on Big Sur, and if so, can you please share the exact steps?

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iK1tch3nn post a Terminal code that works for me:

1. Uninstall Hamachi
2. Open the Terminal application.
3. Enter the following command, and press Enter (requires a password to complete):

sudo touch /Library/Extensions

4. Restart your computer to apply changes
5. Install Hamachi
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Thanks so much rodrigo for your reply, but unfortunately that is not working.


I uninstalled Hamachi using the Hamachi uninstall utility, used the terminal to issue the sudo command exactly as you indicated, restarted, re-installed, and when Hamachi starts up, it ends with error dialog "failed to connect to the engine" before closing.


When installing, it doesn't ask for any system preference changes - it just installs and indicates the install was a success.


BTW, has the Touch command now compromised that extensions folder where a malicious app could install an extension?


Thanks again for any tips.

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I am trying for like 1 week to connect to Hamachi, but it won't work, and I don't know what to do... I need help.

I am trying to start it, but it just says: "Failed to connect to the engine" 

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@fth  I'm sorry we don't currently have full support for M1 devices.

Ash is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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Re: Hamachi doesn't work on macOS Big Sur

I agree, it has been a while and we have no update from Logmein?

What is the roadmap?  Now that I'm starting to refresh my machines, and they come with Big Sur installed, I'm going to downgrade to use Logmein Hamachi?  C'mon guys ...


That said, linux version on CentOS 7 has been rock solid stable for years ... but I cannot connect from Mac OS Big Sur 😞


Geoffrey Clark

MicroStrategy Japan

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I tried reinstalling and rebooting many times. Furthermore I started my Mac in the recovery Mode and changed the settings to allow third-party kernel extensions.

My problem is that other programs dont do exactly that what I expect Hamachi to do. So I need to find a solution or people with the same problem. 


Anyone with the same problem or a workaround?


Maybe with enough "pressure" they start to work to solve this problem (or is there a ETA?).


Thanks for your input.


Greetings from Germany



Reposted because it was in the wrong forum.

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To LogMeIn guys,


Could you please give us a formal statement about Big Sur Compatibility?


We are desperate about this issue and we would like to know if there is a plan for Hamachi to keep on working on Big Sur and further Mac OS versions.


Thank you for your answer,

Victor Herrera

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problem installing to mac i receive error Failed to connect to the engine Hamachi