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Why isn't Hamachi compatible with M1 Based Macs?

There's been more than enough time to beta test and get the updated kext-less client ready.

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I'm a new mac user and have recently downloaded LogMeIn Hamachi, but unfortunately, every time I try to open Hamachi, it says "Failed to connect to the engine".

I've looked for a fix online, but I can only seem to find windows solutions, and I have no idea what the mac equivalent would be. 

I've tried everything I can think of, although I'm not an overly tech-savvy person so that probably isn't a lot. 😅


Is there anyone who could point me towards a website that has a mac solution for this problem, or could explain what I should do?




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Title says it all. The support guides I've found for this issue are all for windows. When I launch Hamachi, it gives me a "failed to connect to engine" error and doesn't open. I've already tier the obvious stuff like restarting and redownloading the application.

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When the statement was made about manually installing Hamachi on the Apple MacBook Air with M1 chip, I chased through many options with no success.  Another program that does not work well was a NTFS access program from iboysoft.  They provided detailed instructions on installing.


From the kext database:


sqlite> SELECT * FROM kext_policy;

GFNFVT632V|com.logmein.hamachi|0|LogMeIn, Inc.|20

|com.logmein.hamachi|0|Legacy Developer: Logmein|20

EY7538DH4K|com.iboysoft.filesystems.ms_ntfs|1|Chengdu Aibo Tech Co., Ltd.|1



The two entries from LogMeIn show up in the disabled software list.


Hamachi works well on the iPad Pro with M1 chip using a completely different method of implementation.

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New MacOS 12 still in Beta; however, Logmein Hamachi will not run on Apple MacOS Monterey (Intel) at this time.

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I have installed Hamachi on an Apple M1 with Big Sur, but the program closes giving the message Failed to connect to the engine. Please any answers as I need to install Hamachi. Thanks

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It would be wonderful or at the very least, expected that the details on how to do this would be made available. Assuming of course that the instructions don't come from logmein then if it isn't too much trouble please make the link available.  I understand that you haven't had much time on this.

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My Macbook updated to Big Sur 11.5 (20G71) this weekend and now I can't connect to my Company's VPN. Is there some way to get it working?


I have a crash report I can share, but this forum won't allow that many characters. Please let me know if someone from support needs it.

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For anyone else who gets here searching for answers...

I opened a support request and got the following response:

Unfortunately we are not compatible with Mac OS 11 Big Sur yet, our engineers are working on it and in the midtime we recommend you to dowgrade your OS to MAc OS Catalina 10.15 since we are compatible with this version.

This tells me that Logmein really doesn't care about supporting Hamachi. Big Sur has been out for a while now and we can't even begin to explain to our sales staff how they would downgrade MacOs. 


What a complete nightmare. 


Does anyone know of a competitor who does what Hamachi does? We've used it for years because it's dead-simple to install and use, doesn't require a login and is just certificate-based. 


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Odd... I'm running 11.5.1 on multiple Macs (all Intel) and it's working fine.


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As far as other options, look at OpenVPN, WireGuard and ipsec implementations like Strongswan.  I run one remote system with three VPN connections (OpenVPN, ipsec & hamachi).  Hamachi is good for a backup connection and does not interfere with the other connections.  When one connection goes down, I can use another system for a reset.


Cost, simplicity and functionality are great positive factors for Hamachi.  Lack of support for routers and new Macs are negatives.