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New Contributor

Windows 10 logmein hamachi freezing log-in pop ups


This problem is really frustrating and I've been trying to fix it for a few hours now.

Everytime I launch and turn on logmein hamachi I get the pop-up window to log in, but unfortunately after about 1 second the log in window freezes completely and I can't do anything. I've been trying to go around this issue by launching the service through services.msc and the hamachi turns itself on just fine, but when trying to join to network it gives me a little pop up telling me to log in or sign up that's froze as well ( propably all pop ins this program gives me are frozen or twitching and can't click them ). Is there an fix for this issue? It's really annoying and I woud love to be able to use hamachi again in near future.

Thank you