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New Contributor

Windows Firewall



I recently made a clean installation of Windows to another computer, yet I am not able to recieve incomming connections on Hamachi.  However, if I disable Windows Firewall, it works perfectly.


I have added Windows Firewall rules that are exactly the same as two other computers I have setup on the same Hamachi network (allowing hamachi-2-ui.exe, hamachi-2.exe and lMIGuardianSvc.exe on both TCP and UDP(all  programs in the x(86)/LogMeIn Hamachi  and x64 directory)).


I have also tried and it does work, but Windows Firewall goes red across the board, with a notification prompting you to undo that change.  Also what blows my mind is this was not necessary on the other two computers.  So I think that is more of a bandaid fix than a real solution.


Am I missing some other install location or some other new thing only implemented on new installs of windows?