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New Contributor

Working with Hamachi. Concerned about my privacy.

Hello. I am working remotely from home, originally I was connecting to clients VPN and than using Remote Desktop Connection to get into their computer. Now my employer advised me to install LogMeIn Hamachi software from the link they provided. I installed it and I was able to see a list of all the connections as well as my employers computer. I was than advised to edit the RDCs file and paste the hosts IPv4 address for each connection that I copied from the list in Hamachi. I am now able to access each Remote Desktop Connection without having to use their VPNs, even when the Hamachi software is off, I must end all Hamachi process to  make it unable to connect with clients remote desktop computer.

Now, my question is. What is the administrator able to see? What can he do with my computer? Can he access any of my files? Can he see my activity?

I am concerned about my privacy.