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New Contributor

Wrong gateway after reboot in gateway network with linux ARM

Good morning,

we are testing LogMeIn Hamachi in a linux Arm with the lastest version. The computer is setted with a gateway network with autostart at the boot and it works fine from the start.

Sometimes, after a reboot (we think together with the reboot of the router of the network), the default gateway of "ham-br0", find with "ip r | grep default", is The computer can't access to internet and hamachi doesn't work.

To solve we need to stop hamachi service and delete hamachi autostart. After the reboot, the DHCP use the right gateway in "eth0" interface. Now we can start hamachi service and add hamachi autostart. It will work until next opportunity to fail.


We tried to use fixed IP in "eth0" interface but the problem continues.

Are there some solutions or ideas of the reasons?