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Re: client offline


I can't say: this environment is affected and the other is not. It is common problem in very different location and network topology, that is not under my control. PCs with Hamachi client are connected to customer's LAN, Hamachi clients are in default configuration (updatet to latest version) and are placed into one or two Hamachi networks. Sometimes it takes several weeks to disappear (off-line), sometimes several times a day, sometimes Hamachi service is stopped with no reason, sometimes the same clients are connected directly (green dot) and sometimes via-relay (blue dot). I don't know what happens that Hamachi can not make direct connection. I don't know what happens that Hamachi goes off-line completely. I don't know what happens that service is stopped. But I know very well that Hamachi is down and I must repair it to work because I have already done it at least 1000x. Many Hamachi users report these issues for many years.

According to my opinion Hamachi programmers must do changes to solve this problem. Do not bother Hamachi users and do not detect their "bad" environment. It is simple question: Why does Hamachi decide to shut down ??? Nobody wants it ! And if the environment is not suitable for Hamachi client at the time, why so drastic solution and decision to break connection and not try to return? How can I explain it to my customers with basic PC-knowledge in remote location that I want to help them, but they must do something with Hamachi client and ask it to work properly ? Eg. starting windows service is not simple task for them. Very very annoying.

For this reason I started using 3-rd party solution in parallel and without any problem (in the same "bad" environment) ! If the Hamachi fails I connect by the other software and start Hamachi client to work (sometimes it is necessary to start the service, sometimes just "power-on" is enough). It is very frustrating but I must stay with Hamachi due to tens of existing customers form past...

Because no solution comes from LogMeIn I spent several hours programming an application that automatically starts Hamachi service, forces Hamachi client to log-on, forces all used nets go on-line and kills Hamachi GUI task. So I have solution but it is not normal situation if Hamachi is paid software and it can not be used as needed.