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Hello All,


I'm trying to set default UI settings for all local user accounts. My understanding is you can create a h2-ui-override.cfg file with the desired UI settings such as:


Gui.ShowSplash 0


This file is supposed to be loaded immediately after hamachi loads hamachi.ini.  Where is the file supposed to live? I assume "c:\users\<Profile>\appdata\local\LogMeIn Hamachi\"


Currently, I cannot get this UI override file to work. Does anyone have any suggestions or maybe more detailed info?





New Contributor

Re: h2-ui-override.cfg

No one knows anything about h2-ui-override.cfg?

New Contributor

Re: h2-ui-override.cfg

I have the same question

It will be very nice to hide main window and taskbar icon in user`s accounts

Can some one explain how to make it possible?


One more thing - h2-ui-override.cfg works, because I some options overrides, for examle Peer.LabelConn... but

Gui.ShowSplash 0  - doesn`t work

Gui.Taskbar 0 - doesn`t work

I have no idea about parms of this options (Gui.ShowSplash & Gui.Taskbar). 0 - it`s just logical decision.