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inbound traffic block, check firewall settings

so i was using hamachi normally yesterday and my internet went down, after my friend which is the host has a blue dot on him and when diagnose the problem with him, it says the inbound traffic is blocked and to check the firewall. i tried some stuff but they didnt work.


LogMeIn Contributor

Re: inbound traffic block, check firewall settings

Hi there,

It sounds like there may have been a change in acceptance on the LAN you use for LogMeIn Hamachi?


If so, then the following Whitelist article may be of use to you:  LogMeIn Hamachi Whitelisting


New Contributor


Does anybody have a definitive list of Ports and URL's needed for the Hamachi client to connect to the Hamachi servers?


We are having an issue with Hamachi connecting from behind a corporate network - we have opened ports and URL's that are published on the security whitepaper but we are still getting an issue connecting. If we allow all outbound traffic the client connects so we know Hamachi is fundamently working.