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New Contributor

"Create" button for Hamachi doesn't work

Hey so I'm using Hamachi and everything installs fine and the program seems to work up until I want to create a network. I can join a network, but when I try to make my own everything is fine up until the Network ID and password is all setup and I try to click Create, but nothing happens. I have re-installed the program like 3 times now and the "Create" button does not work. It just presses in and turns gray, then it just changes back to normal. I have looked through the fourm and it seems like i'm the only one with this problem? I honestly do not know how to fix it. Please help. 

New Contributor

Re: "Create" button for Hamachi doesn't work

I had the same problem on one of my computers and after several attempts to create a network, gave up. And went to a different computer. I typed in the same information and I recieved an error message for the network name. "This network name has already been taken" The problem is that an error message isn't popping up when you try to create a network. The name is probably the issue which is solved by changing it.