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New Contributor

relay server issues.

Hello.  We have the 'good ole' issue in working the hamachi client via relay server. 

Here's the situation. Two PCs are connected to internet via one router. One PC is connected to hamachi network via and is working fine. The other PC is keep on trying to connect to another hamachi server and is constantly failing. How to fix it. And why is that two pcs use different servers? Is it possible to fix it manually, when the client can't do it automatically, or tries to connect to 'non-working' server?

On the second client all clients are blue. Connection is via server. Authentication is in progress all the time. Encryption (negotiating). Compression (negotiatin). After a while the client reconnects to the same failed server, and we see all the same song over and over. It's not the first time. It usually happens once a week with some of the clients (we've got about 225 of them). Yes, it 'fixes' itself with time. But some time it takes days to have it working back again normally.