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vpn on android

good morning i have create a vpn with hamachi ... i have a vpn on android phone and a vpn on my computer in the same hamachy network .... but i see that with android i can't navigate on internet when i turn on the vpn while with pc is possible .....


why ? how can i navigate with android when i turn on vpn ?

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Re: vpn on android

Dude how you make Hamachi work on an Android Device? I want to know, can you help me?

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Re: vpn on android



Gonarch could you clarify what you mean a little? If you mean that you are unable to browse the internet while Hamachi is turned on please follow the steps found here.


Anthelon if you're trying to deploy Hamachi to a mobile device please go to and then My Networks > Add Client > "Add mobile client"





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Re: vpn on android

I used to install VPN only on home PC but nowadays i also install use it via smartphone as it contains to much valuable information, check nordVPN and other VPN provides, alomost all of them suits modern smarphones, so just use google and find what you like.