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New Contributor

Cancel Subscription - No one answers/closed

Our subscription auto-renewed.  We changed our DMS in October and access to all locations is part of the new DMS.  So these services are no longer needed.   Our credit card was charged $900 and I can not get ahold of anyone in this company to cancel.  When you call the number it states they are closed.  When you go thru the support steps online it gives you a phone number and a ticket number.  When you call that number and enter the ticket, it says we are closed.  A chat online window appeared...  it is a robot with no one helping.  

I find this absolutely RIDICULOUS considering what this companys platform is that there is NO ONE available to assist.  

Active Contributor

Re: Cancel Subscription - No one answers/closed

LMI is a ghost town... so sad.
LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Cancel Subscription - No one answers/closed

Hi there, sorry about the delay. 


The correct support flow begins on this support site: , where you can choose an active phone line to dial into or create a case for follow up by an agent.  I'm afraid we cannot handle billing issues through the Community for security reasons.