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Connection Alert

Every Time I log in using LogMeIn Pro, I get a pop-up that states:


Connection Alert

LogMeIn can initiate a login to account ***** without you having to type in a password.


I want to get rid of the popup. I can accept or dismsiss the alert but nothing happens either way.

Can anyone help?




Caesar Creek Soaring Club

New Contributor

Re: Connection Alert



I'm curious that nothing happens whether you click on Accept or Dismiss.  When I click on the Accept button, the stored login credentials are entered and the account is opened.  This is very handy because I don't need to enter the username or password again, or at all, if it has been stored in the LMI client.


I'm also trying to figure out how to turn this on and off.  I have one account (Admin) on the host computer for which this alert works, but another (Standard) for which it does not work.  For some reason I have had to make configuration changes (in the host computer's LMI settings) for the Standard user account to even allow it to log in.  I have given full rights to the user, but this Connection Alert still does not show up... Have you learnt how to turn it on and off?


Thanks, Mark, Sustainable Solutions

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Re: Connection Alert

I have the same issue I do not want this feature as the admin account is not the desired account to log into under normal circumstances