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New Contributor

Connection freezes

I run 22 computers with logmein central with no connection issuesexcept one Lenovo Win7 computer, which worked well with Logmein for several years.  Now it will have the connection freeze after sitting idle for hours.  The computer screen appears to be a screen from an ealier time.  Click on an object produces no response.  

To fix this, I have to go to the dashboard and reboot logmein on the client computer.  After Logmein restarts, the connection is fine and the compture shows the change from the click made before Logmein was restarted.


How do I make a permanent fix?


running version 13774

New Contributor

Re: Connection freezes

I have also having an issue staying connected. Logged in just fine this morning and not it says that I am offline for some reason and wont let me log back on. please advise.