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New Contributor

High CPU usage when idle

I regularly uninstall logmein because when it is installed on my computer, and while I am not using it but it is a background app, it regularly used huge amounts of CPU %.  My guess, they are using idle computers of their customers to do computing (bitcoin mining?).  There is no other reason that an idle background app should be using 96% of my CPU.  I delete the app when I am in town and install an new clean version when I am going on vacation.  Why should paying customers have to deal with LogMeIn using so much of our CPU when we aren't even using the app?  It heats up my machine, my CPU fan is on constantly when this one app is installed.  I check task manager and it shows the culprit, LogMeIn and it's associated apps.  Also, I check and see that no one is logged in to my machine (I suspected someone may have been hacking in but no, there was no one). Have any other users noticed this?

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: High CPU usage when idle

@RegionalApp  No, we're not 'using the PC' for any other purpose than private, secured, remote connections. 


Can you please confirm the host PC's operating system version and LogMeIn endpoint software version?