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How do I do a silent install, must I get the LogMeIn Central ?


I have a got about 4 to 5 users at the moment. Right now, I send the deployment links to them through my C# program. However, I have got a request from the users where they do not want to be clicking on the link, opening the browser and clicking next, they basically wanna a silent install. 


How can I achieve it, I am using the free version, but if I have to buy, I am open for that as well.

Please advice.


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Re: How do I do a silent install, must I get the LogMeIn Central ?

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How To: Silent Install with Access Code

I spent hours looking for a solution for this and never really found an answer. I was looking for a way to automatically and SILENTLY install LMI to my Pro account with a pre-set Access Code. LogMeIn Central provides this option under their Deploy tab, but it does NOT enter an Access Code. Since we are currently not using Active Directory or Windows passwords (Don't ask!) I required an Access Code that was the same for every PC. Here is how I did it:


I used Orca to automate our install: Post #148. The thread discusses using the automatic FREE install, but you can use it for the Pro install as well. Just don't edit the LICENSETYPE property.


LogMeIn provides a silent automatic install option via a Deploy .msi script. You can find it in LogMeIn Central under Deployment (If you have it).I had to edit the .msi file because doing a SILENT install of LMI does NOT allow you to input an Access Code for every PC.


I followed the guidlines from the above post and edited a few options with ORCA within the LogMeIn.msi. Under the Property Table I added a few options such as USERPASSWORD with the value of whatever I wanted the access code to be. I then used a .bat script to push it out to our workstations using Novell Zenworks.


Here is my .bat script:

@echo off
LogMeIn.msi /q ACCOUNTEMAIL=subscriptionemail USERPASSWORD=accesscode USERVERIFYPWD=verifyaccesscode USEREMAIL=subscriptionemail USERWEBPASSWORD=subscriptionpassword



Hope this helps someone out there!

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Re: How To: Silent Install with Access Code

What if you have multiple profiles attached to an account? How wouuld I specify the profile?

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LogMeIn silent install batch parameters

We are having issues installing LogMeIn on remote clients and it is taking up to an hour to explain to users how to install it and then give us their username/password.


I am trying to create a silent install that will set a default standard access password for the computer (we can then log on and get the workstation username and password).


I've done this in the past by editing the MSI (using Orca) but all the parameters have been changed recently and I no longer see the parameters I need.


Anyone provide assistance? A batch script would be fine as opposed to editing the MSI.

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Re: LogMeIn silent install batch parameters

It looks like your issue has not been resolved. I suggest you contact a LogMeIn Customer Care representative through our email or phone channels in order to resolve your issue. Please see our Contact Us page for ways to reach us.

Please let me know if you need anything else.


Katie is a member of the LogMeIn Community Care Team.
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Re: LogMeIn silent install batch parameters

Any update on this ? I have the same issue.

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Re: LogMeIn silent install batch parameters

Our account was recently forced to switch over to central pro (before we used pro for certain PCs only as we have 500 in our account).


Since then we've made use of One-To-Many. For the initial install we use the batch + exe option which autostart from a self exctract RAR file I made (this rar file also contains several of our smaller remote support programs that extract to desktop).


We were never able to fully install it silently (even speaking with LogMeIn support was no help). I came up with an alternative solution to that though - get the tech monkey to walk the client through the installation.

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Re: LogMeIn silent install batch parameters

We manage to do what we wanted using the deployement batch command line 🙂

Thx for the quick answer.

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Re: LogMeIn silent install batch parameters

Would you be able to explain how you did it through the deployment batch command line. Thank you,



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Re: LogMeIn silent install batch parameters

Here are the steps needed :

- Login to Central

- Go to deployement

- Create new set with the parameters you want

- Once the set is created, there is a scroll menu dploiement method.

- Choose batch and there you do (you still need an msi file thought)