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Re: I want to cancel my logmein pro subscription and auto renewal, how can I do that ?

So I just called and finally got through on 4/23/2019 at 8:30 ish EST. They asked for my concearn, I mentioned I wanted to cancel, they never asked for any reason or gave any sales pitch to keep me.   They verified my information and and tried to hurry me off the phone.  

I then asked for a conformation number, which they gave and quickly hung up.  I received an email while typing this post  for conformation only to find out, they cancelled my auto-renewal, but not the next 11 months of service, thus keeping my $350.  

I am going to look into going to the BBB and other organizations for help.  This is not right and a total scam!!!


In fact!!  I may contact my BANK and have them do an investigation as fradulant funds are not being returned!!  Maybe that will wake everybody up!!!

New Contributor

Re: I want to cancel my logmein pro subscription and auto renewal, how can I do that ?

I cancelled today, via email. Customer service was closed when I discovered the price increaces of recent years when updating credit card info. There was nothing on site about cancel by email, but since I was due to be charged today, I wanted a record of my desire to cancel if I needed to later despute charges.


Was delighted to hear back in 2 hrs (at midnight Pacific Time) that customer service had taken care of it. No charges yet to my bank online. Very happy, but would have loved an online link to cancel by email. Will not be back, or checking replies, best of luck to all.




Hello John,


Thank you for contacting LogMeIn.


Per your request, your LogMeIn Pro for Power Users subscription has been marked to cancel. You will receive no additional charges.


If we have answered your question, we will send you an email in the next few days asking for your feedback. We value your opinion and thank you in advance for taking the time to click on the survey link and let us know how your experience was with our team.


Thank you,


Yahaira | Customer Support Representative I 




My Reply:

Greatly appreciate your very prompt reply. Loved the product, but there are free to low cost alternatives I need to pursue. If I had noticed the auto-renew price escalation, I would have quit at. Was horrified when I was able to find your price page. Did NOT like that prices were not on the product description pages.


Again, thank you for your very prompt and helpful response. Have a great week.