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Re: LMI Mac Won't Switch On

This is awful. I can't believe this company can't even post a comment about the status of this issue which tons of people are having. This shows a level of unprofessionalism. Not only that, how good can this product be in the end. Maybe at best mediocre. "finally" - That's what everyone is going to say whenever they do fix it. 

Whenever a company dealing with computer related issues takes this long to fix an at least six month long problem with not a word about it officially. THERE IS SOMETHING VERY WRONG.  I feel like they just took my money and I got ripped off. Whatever. 

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Re: LMI Mac Won't Switch On

Any more news with this? Currently can't log me into my Mac Pro at work because of this problem. If someone could point to any workaround or some timescales to a fix, I'd be a happy customer.

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Re: LMI Mac Won't Switch On

I was excited to start using Logmein, and I can log into my PC from home but I really wanted to log in to my Macbook Pro.  However, just like everyone in this forum I cannot start my macbook remotely.  I click "Start" and the web page says "Switching On" but it never actually switches on.  I can' believe this post started back in 2010 and now it's May 2011 and this still doesn't work.

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Re: LMI Mac Won't Switch On

Hi cinco and Welcome to the Community!


LogMeIn does have the ability to wake a Mac computer that is in sleep mode but it does not have the ability to turn on a Mac that is powered off. Also note that for Wake on LAN to work, the Mac must be wired to the internet, a wireless connection will not work with a Mac.


Read about all the requirements for Wake on LAN.


Thank you!

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Re: LMI Mac Won't Switch On



Thank you for the response.  This is more clear now...and thank for the link which was helpful as well.  I guess I was confused because the button says "Switch On" next to my Mac and it is green and 'clickable'.  It made me think I could switch on the Mac.


I will have to try to wake from sleep mode, but even waking from sleep it has to be connected with an ethernet cable, not wirelessly if I understand correctly.