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LogMeIn Client App keeps disconnecting

I have been using LMI for several years and have rarely had any problem. I most recently used in on 12/20/13 with no problem. However, this morning when I went to log in I was told I need to download and run the LMI Client App. I did this, and now I cannot connect to the host computer; every time I try I get checkmarks next to "Connect Network" and "Activate Encryption", but then the app freezes up while waiting for "Verify Identity", and then disconnects me. Every time.


I'm running OSX 10.8.5 and Firefox 26.0 (same problem when I try Safari 6.1.1). Does anyone have any suggestions for how I can get LMI working again?




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Re: LogMeIn Client App keeps disconnecting

Had a similar issue and called LMI tech support.  After checking my configuration via LMI Rescue, the concluded that the problem was with my ISP/Router setting. I then got in touch with my ISP tech support who, ss it happens, also use LMI Rescue and they logged into my computer to make the necessary adjustments to the hub/router settings. Having done this, I tried to access the host machine from my laptop with the same disconnect. My ISP tech support then tried to access my laptop with LMI Rescue and had the same disconnect (so they couldn't log in and take control). Following this, we concluded that the issue was something to do with the laptop and not the settings on the hub/router.


Thinking about this, I then tried logging into the host from another computer and lo and behold - no problem.


Next thing I tried setting up a new user (all default settings and nothing else running) on the laptop but had the same disconnect.


Next I opened Parallels access on the laptop and launched Windows 7 - Internet Explorer. Result: no problem accessing the host with my logmein. This is obviously the workaround that I can use in future. I may also post it on the LMI forum as many people seem to be having similar disconnect issues.


For your information, my desktop computer is an iMac and the laptop is a MacBook Air.  Both running up to date OS 10.9.3


Bottom line: see if LMI works with from another computer before messing with settings on your router.

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Constant Disconnects

In the last two weeks or so I continually get disconnected when clicking on anything on the remote computer. I have the issue from multiple computers at the local end and multiple remote locations. I can sometimes be on for 5 or 10 minutes before being disconnected. This problem is on XP and Win 7 computers at the local end. But i used to be on for hours without a disconnect. Has there been an update that may be causing this problem? Is this a common problem now or is it specific to my location. My Internet (DSL) does not appear to be having a problem.

It has been very frustrating recently trying to help people but continuously getting disconnected.

Any suggestions?

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Re: Constant Disconnects

Same issue here.  Seems worse since the maintenance that Logmein did a couple weeks back.  Anyone else seeing this issue?  

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Re: Constant Disconnects

I get disconnected multiple times and must wait for a while to reconnect.  This has been happening to me a lot lately.  I am using LogMeIn Pro to connect to a Mac using LogMeIn Free.

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Re: Constant Disconnects

I'm having a similar issue, too.


I'm connecting via Win 7 laptops to my Mac (10.4.11), and it disconnects quickly.


In fact, to troubleshoot, I am sitting with a Win 7 laptop next to the mac in question, using the SAME network, and same thing.


To see if it was a Qwest problem, I connected from my mac to the win7 laptop.  NO disconnections.


This really sucks!  I may install a competitor's 30 day free trial to see if logmein fixes this issue.

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Re: Very frequent Disconnection and constant whole screen refreshing

Accessing Window 7 from Solaris or Linux (Firebox browser )

Same issue after Logmein Update. Frequent disconnection.

And also whole screen refreshing at a constant rate.

(more or less every couple minuites)


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Re: Constant Disconnects

Same here. I used to be on for hours at a time. Now cant be productive at all. I tried disabling my antivirus and still the same thing. This happens on my ipad as well.  Frustrating.

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Re: Constant Disconnects

LMI Free used to be relatively stable in terms of connection, but recently I've experienced a large number of disconnects as well.   Possibly due to a recent update? 


Both the local and remote PCs are Windows 7 Pro 64-bit. 


At times I can stay on for up to 15 minutes until a disconnect happens.  Other times it disconnects either during or just after logging into the remote PC.  It's frustrating because LMI used to be rock solid in terms of stability.


So I ran some network diagnostic tools and it saw that our Sonicwall firewall goes crazy whenever a LMI connection is established, to the point of dropping packets thus causing the disconnects. 


On the other hand, our firewall does not drop packets even if bandwidth is fully saturated on an FTP or HTTP download of a large file.  In these cases only the latency increases, but there is no disconnection.  Only LMI seems to cause disconnects on our firewall (or so it seems.. need to do more testing to prove this whether this is true.)  


Maybe someone else can also narrow down the troubleshooting to their firewall/router so we can figure this out.






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Re: Constant Disconnects

I am having EXACTLY the same problem and it seems like it occured right after that July update.  Logmein?  Can someone help us?  This is excruciating and I am getting ready to switch to something else...has anyone else found any solutions?

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Re: Constant Disconnects

Using my macbook to control my mac mini (basically my htpc) and it is constantly disconnecting, searching brings me here but any update on a fix?