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Re: LogMeIn changed my screen resolution

Thank you for your reply & suggestion.  Looking back on it, a year and a half ago, nothing fixed the problem that I could attempt remotely.  When I got back home, I realized two different things may have caused the problem.  First, I had the monitor powered off.  When the PC would reboot remotely, it couldn’t detect my large monitor, so it probably reverted to 640x480.  Second, I had my video card not only connected to my monitor, but also via a cable to my TV, and that may have contributed to the problem.  When I disconnected that (TV) cable and powered on the monitor, the resolution went back to what it should have been after a reboot.  So, this past January, before I left, I did several things.  I disconnected the TV cable.  I turned off all screen savers and monitor power-saver options.  And this is key, I left the monitor powered on.  In addition to all that, I also wanted to be able to remotely power down the PC and then power it back on, so I could get a clean boot if ever needed.  I used a Kasa remotely controllable plug, and modified the BIOS that if there was a power failure (i.e., when I remotely “unplugged” my PC), upon power restoration, the PC would automatically power on and boot.  And lastly, I installed a remotely controllable camera in front of the monitor so I could see what was really being displayed, if the problem should ever reappear.  The problem did not reappear with these precautions. 

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