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Pro File Transfer

If I subscribe to the Pro version do I have to have the subscription for both the local computer (the one I'm working on) and on the remote computer (the destination for my files)?  Or do I only need it on the local computer which will always be the source of the files that transfer to the remote computer?


Thank you

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Re: Pro File Transfer

Pro needs to be on the one you want to transfer from, you don't need LogMeIn on the one you are transfering too.



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Re: Pro File Transfer

Hello ej54,


Thank you for your question and welcome to the community.


Also, thank you warsawtech for your reply.


I would like to clarify this one step further just to assist in making sure your understanding is as clear as possible.


Essentially the only requirement here is to have LogMeIn Pro added to the computer which you are accessing remotely (the host computer). It is not required at all to have the computer added to an account that you are simply accessing other host computers from (the client computer). In this case, you would need a LogMeIn Pro subscription applied to a host computer if you wish to use the Pro features (including File Manager) when accessing that computer remotely.


Once you are accessing a host computer which has a Pro subscription assigned to it, you may then use File Manager to transfer or copy files in either direction (from host to client and client to host).


I hope this helps.


Erik Elsom-Van Vogt
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Re: Pro File Transfer

LogMeIn Pro is not needed on all workstations then?  If i have (1) host (my workstation) and i want to push files, using file transfer to multiple clients, then i only need (1) Pro license, all the clients can be free versions??


Am I understanding this correctly?