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Remote Printing

How to desactivate remote printing tool?

Everyone is asking how to activate, but i don't want this. This is working for every connections and i don't want this. My printer is full of papers printed that i don't need.

Please how to desactivate remote printing for every connections?



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Re: Remote Printing

Any answer?
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Re: Remote Printing

Is it your intent to print?? If you are wanting to print to a printer your remote computer is connected too then when you go to print select that printer, LogMeIn will make your printer the default on your local computer during a session.

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Re: Remote Printing

I'm with castaldelli.  I'd like some way to disable remote printing by default, and choose it only when needed.  We have many instances when users at our home office remotely access one of our 60 + host machines to provide software support, which may involve printing at the host office.  If our remote users forget to reset the host's default printer, we wind up with pages and pages of output sent to the "via LogMeIn" printer, when we actually want it printed at the host site.  Is there a way, or can it be included as an option in future releases, to accomplish this?  Again, it would be useful to have the option to disable remote printing. 





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Re: Remote Printing

Thanks for your feedback! Please also submit your ideas directly to for our product team to consider.
Lisa Kate
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Re: Remote Printing

Did you ever get an answer?  I also would like to disable remote printing by default.  When I am working with a remote user, I usually want them to get the print out.

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Re: Remote Printing

Hi Aaron,

Checkout this guide for Host Preference Packages, and disabling Remote Printing: