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Start Maximized - Multi-Monitor

I am a new user just switching over from GotomyPC.  With GTMPC, you can choose as a default to start the remote session as maximized or in a window.   This never quite worked for multi-monitors, as you had to start (or switch) to a window and the shift-click the maximize button to get multi-monitor support.    


With LogMeIn Pro, when things open on the remote PC, once I figured out that each source monitor was in it's own window, I dragged one to the second monitor at home, and now whenever I open LMI at home, each work mo nitor appears as a window one on each home monitor.  That's an improvement. But they are still windows that both need to be maximized separately.


What would be even better if there was an option for each monitor to open maximized in the first place, which I think is the whole point - to feel like I'm at work.  I tried to search for this but so many of the multi-monitor posts are so old I don't know if this feature has been added.


These seems like a simple enough option to add - open maximized.  Am I missing something? Thanks. -John