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Concurrent Technician Licenses

We have been a long-time customer and were recently told that our concurrent technician licenses were undergoing review and a new limitation of a 3:1 scenario was going to be enforced. We would be required to have 1 license for every technician we have registered in the admin console. For a company with 140 technicians who occasionally use this tool, we rarely use the 7 **CONCURRENT** licenses we subscribe to. After some back and forth, we were told that a 10:1 scenario was “approved”. This would still require us to more than double our licenses for this product which is NOT currently even used to our licensed capacity. I can’t seem to justify this. Out of 240 business hours in a month, we may only have 2 occurrences where we may hit our current CONCURRENT license count limit. At this point I am looking at alternative solutions but was curious if anyone else was encountering this licensing challenge. Please share your thoughts. Thank you for your time.

LogMeIn Contributor
LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Concurrent Technician Licenses

Hello @miller_e

Why do you have 140 technicians when you rarely use 7 at the same time maximum? You can buy standard license or concurrent licens, that is more expensive than the standard license in exchange that you can enable more technician than your actual purchased seat number.