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Full Screen View defaults to Fit to Window instead of Stretch to Window

When I start my LMIRescue Client, I typically start multiple remote sessions, (6 or more).

Many times I will put one session on "Hold" for a few minutes, then come back to it and then "Start" the old session, then go to Full Screen again and I'm faced with a small tiny window again. 

The "Configure View Settings" always reverts back to "Fit to Window" instead of "Stretch to Window".

This all happens during the same LMIRescue Client session.  


If I put them all on Hold and close the LMIR Client then open it up on another workstation or even on the same workstation, and then Start any On Hold sessions up, they all revert back to the tiny Fit to Window views.   


This is VERY annoying every time I have to switch from several different systems and redo the Configure View Settings from Fit to Window instead of Stretch to Window.


Actually I don't know why anyone would use Fit to Window instead of Stretch to Window.  Every time you take a session off Hold you have to go to full screen and then redo the view settings.
But since the View option is there then simply allow me to be able to choose the default View setting somewhere like in the admin panel to "Stretch to Window".  Or just leave it however it was last set.

STW always makes more sense!  Why would you ever want a tiny Window??

Even your tech support reps liked this idea!

Thank you!

Please Default to "Stretch"Please Default to "Stretch"