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Giving Administrator Technician Console Access

...I see in the administration user guide:

This is where you edit an Administrator's configuration.

An Administrator can:

• Maintain all assigned Technicians and Technician Groups

• Set permissions for Technician Groups

• Disable any technicians and Technician Groups if necessary

• Generate reports for the Technician Group or individual technicians

• Configure support channels for the Technician Groups for which they are responsible

• Can perform all functions of a Technician (if licensed)

Use the Organization Tree to assign an Administrator to a Technician Group or Administrator Group by dragging the Administrator to the target group.



So my question is, how do I license the administrator to be able to perform all the functions of a technican?  I'm sure this is an easy answer, but the console doesn't have anything listed to configure in the org tab of the user I want to license.  Dragging and dropping to a tech group doesn't seem to work either.  Thanks for your replies.

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Re: Giving Administrator Technician Console Access

I'd like to know how to do this too. As CMT said, there doesn't seem to be anything in the manual to explain how to give an Administrator access to the Tech Console. Assigning them to the Technician Group creates a blue user icon in the group, whereas the Master Administrator that is also assigned to the group has a green icon, like standard technicians.


Maybe I'm going about this all wrong though. What I'm essentially trying to do is give technicians the ability to monitor sessions, in the same way that the Master Administrator account can do when logged in to the Tech Console - I'm not bothered about giving access to the Admin Console - this I want left to just the Master Administrator.

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Re: Giving Administrator Technician Console Access

While using the Trial version, I had to add users as Administrators and then again as Technicians. The login information stays the same, but they would then have access to both the Tech Console and the Admin center.
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Re: Giving Administrator Technician Console Access

I had the same issue. You have to create two accounts(admin & technician) for the same person. Use the same email and password. This is really annoying. I have communicated this to the LMI help person too.


I thought I could make this easier by using the API, but when I tried to create the technician account I got a "INVALIDPARAM_EMAIL_ALREADY_IN_USE" error back. Smiley Mad

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Re: Giving Administrator Technician Console Access

This is still apparently the case with Master Administrators that are not the Master Account Holder. No method of granting Console license to a Master Administrator and no way of copying the master admin to a technicians group.

Creating a duplicate tech with the same username and password achieves the goal but their post notification when that duplicate tech ends a session fails with no session id being passed with the post.

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Re: Giving Administrator Technician Console Access


Thanks for the feedback. I would like to inform you, that the master admins cannot be copied to technicians groups because they can manage all of the groups, and the company level, global settings too in their company's admin center.

The administrators and master administrators are admin nodes. You can create techies with their unique email addresses to link them together. This is by design.


I am sorry, but I do not understand your last complaint. Could you describe it in deeper details?