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Linux Support

To the LogMeIn staff: 


I'm a technician -- with 30 years of experience -- who fears that Windows 8 will be a total disaster for the majority of Windows end-users -- particularly those who are still using XP (over 50% of PC owners) and have no reason to upgrade, because XP still works fine for them. 


In our current decimated economy, I expect a large number of my customers to balk at buying a new PC to run Windows 8 when they really don't need one.  However, for a variety of reasons, continuing to use XP will become increasingly inviable once Win 8 is released. 


I'm making plans to suggest to these users that if they don't wish to upgrade their hardware and software -- and their IT needs are reasonably simple enough -- that they consider migrating to a Linux desktop like Ubuntu.  My only hesitation in this is that I cannot support them with LMIR.


I understand why LMIR has not provided support for Linux platforms.  I have no complaints about this decision.  However, I ask you to consider that Windows 8 will likely "throw a monkey-wrench" into the current IT marketing paradigm.  I expect that by the time the dust settles, Apple's market share will increase from 10% to 25%, and the Linux share will increase from 5% to 12% -- and those numbers will steadily increase. 


You have an opportunity to stay ahead of the remote-services "pack" by developing Linux support now.  I hope you will consider doing so.