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New Contributor

Logmein Rescue Technician Console Automatic Login

When I connect to computers, whenever the remote computer goes to the login screen, it automatically tries to login to an account (unsuccessfully).  I've removed all saved credentials within Windows, does anyone have any ideas where else this might be saved and how I can fix it so that it doesn't always try to auto-login to computers?


I am on Windows 7.

New Contributor

Re: Logmein Rescue Technician Console Automatic Login

I hate that as well and have never found a way to stop it. Best advice is to at least format how you are logging in so that the autologin doesn't fail. When you put your credentials in try server\user in the user name. 


There are a few rare situations where not having it auto login would be nice, but it's logmein rescue doing it. Nothing you can change on the end users machine to stop it.